Construction Crew Witnesses Woman Choose Life

As told by John Barros:

Well they are finally finishing up the sidewalk next door. A couple of the workers here today got to see God move.

The construction workers were pretty shocked to see what was going on here today. They watched as Sarah from Reformation Bible College and Marcia from Orlando Grace offered help and really couldn’t believe when the preaching began. They didn’t say anything but you could see the confusion in their faces.

There was a precious young lady who¬†kept coming in and out after the preaching. She wouldn’t talk but you could see God was working on her heart.

Two of the construction workers came and sat by the driveway to have their lunch break. They began asking questions like “Do you really think this does any good?” and “Do you change anyone’s mind?” I told them I don’t change anyone’s mind but God works here through His word and opens eyes. We continued talking and then the precious young lady, Sam, came up to the driveway. We had a great talk. She said her biggest fear was having to tell her parents. She lives over an hour from here but I asked her to go to Choices to get an ultrasound and get a referral to somewhere near her home. We had a time of prayer and she left.

After she left I looked at the construction workers who were pretty amazed. It was so cool that these men got to witness God moving like this! Please pray for Sam and her parents as well as these men.