Continued Craziness

As told by John Barros:

Today the craziness continued. Got to serve with Doug, Bill, and even Jesse, who all stopped by in the afternoon. About twenty people came here and it was very busy. Three ladies left today.

The very first couple came early and stood on the porch. As they were being warned, they just kept staring at the door. She reached, grabbed his arm, and kept looking up at him. They went inside, but about an hour later they came out and stood in the back talking. She kept looking at him with tears and then he led her away.

Another lady stormed out during the preaching and left. Then in the afternoon, a strange thing happened. A young lady was coming back up from having a smoke. I told her we could still help her. She went crazy, screaming and yelling about adoption, asking if I would take her baby. She was cursing and jumping and screaming. She went inside doing the same thing. A worker came out with her, and she went crazy cursing at her as well. Then she got in her car and left so we have no idea what is going on with her. Please pray for her.

There was heartache here as other ladies that God was working on would be led back in by their guys. The holidays are just very difficult down here. Please pray.