As told by John Barros:

Today there were conversations all day but no one chose life. There was one very young lady who became very convicted, and another lady who was having an abortion came out to tell us we needed to help her. The young lady came out said she wasn’t going to do it but then the rest of the ladies inside bought her pizza and she went through with it.


Tara McPherson came down here with Rachel; they are such a blessing. Thomas De Castro, Samantha Shaffer, and Tracey Sarnicki also worked so hard. A couple of cool things did happen, though. Marcus Pittman and Sye Bruggencate came by for a surprise visit. It was awesome to see them; they are such an inspiration and encouragement.

Then something happened I would never have believed: one of the clinic’s employees called me over. I didn’t know what to expect, but she had a huge smile on her face. I asked her what I could do for her. She told me that she had a “save” this weekend. She talked someone out of having an abortion and into an adoption. I was dumbfounded because others from there have done this before, but I would never have guessed this person would. She went on to tell me that her adoption resources are limited and asked who were the two I would recommend. I told her, and she asked if I could get a stack of brochures from each one so she could keep a stack on the receptionist table at OWC and EPOC. I must tell you I was blown away! I picked up the phone and made a couple of calls. Within a couple of hours Mary Gibson from Life For Kids and Daria Monroe from Embraced By Grace came down with what she wanted. So as of today there are actually adoption brochures inside these two clinics. I don’t understand the way God works but this is pretty incredible.