Craziness and an Insane Man

As told by John Barros:

The craziness of this place continued today. It was pretty darn busy but thankfully the Lord sent help. Matt, Yolie, Beth, Bonnie, Becky, Bo, and Luke were down here in the morning and a few guys from Jackson, Mississippi (Alain and Cooper) came for a little bit.

We had two ladies choose life and we had a turn-away. One of the ladies has five children at home and didn’t see how she could take care of another but the Lord gave her eyes to see. Another man with a Gator hat on wanted to do me great bodily harm when he arrived but it was so awesome to see him fight to get his money back when he led his lady out of here. They left with big smiles and waves.

There was a guy here today who was insane. I don’t know if he may have been affected by demons. He wasn’t at the clinic but hung around in parking lots. He began screaming and yelling the first time while preaching. I just thought it was the regular folks that get angry. He continued to show up yelling; then he called the police making up lies about me being on the property. (The police officer told Yolie and me he knew it wasn’t true because he knows I know the rules.)

Then after everyone was gone he would come to the wall screaming “There is no God, you @#$% idiot!!” It got so bad that the patients from the doctor’s office next door and across the street came out. He had seen one of the folks choose life earlier in the day and when he came back he began screaming about who was going to raise unwanted babies. This guy was truly nuts. I would request prayer for him as well as the ladies that left.

There seems to be a bunch of upset workers today. I don’t know if they are taking pay cuts or if this place’s days are numbered.