Crazy Blindness

As told by John Barros:

So blessed to have so many come to serve today. Matt, Bill, Karen, Yolie, Pastor David, Lucas, and I were once again blessed to have Pastor John from Canada serve with us. He will be heading back home.

We also had a very special lady join us. I met Mary in the airport in Phoenix. She is a commercial airline pilot. We spent a long time waiting for the plane. She had no idea about this type of ministry and said she was going to come down. So many people say that and don’t come but she surprised me when I saw her walking down the sidewalk.

She was a trooper. She was horrified with what goes on here and really shaken up. She tried to reach out and was absolutely shocked at how blind these people are.

Mary very soon realized if God didn’t open blind eyes, babies would die. She sought Him.

It truly is a crazy blindness. We had a girl come back today that had been butchered here about a week and a half ago. She could barely walk and was bent over in agony. Her guy was having to hold her up. She went inside and told the clinic that she had gone to the hospital but would not see her. They told her to come back here.

Post-abortion mother struggling to walk

Drivers of patients came out sickened by all this. They tried to get the people they drove here to leave but they wouldn’t. It was pretty crazy.
There was one turnaway but she wouldn’t stop to talk so we don’t really know her story.

Please continue to pray. Pray for Mary. She has a huge heart that I’m sure is hurting tonight. Her flight schedule will only allow her to be here one day every two weeks.

Pray also for Lucas. He is on a bus tonight heading to New Orleans to evangelize at the NBA All Star game over this weekend with Bill Adams of Sports Fans Outreach.