Crazy Days

As told by John Barros:

Ecclesiastes 9:3 was on full display down here today. It was very busy with 20+ down here to kill their babies.

The craziness was really weird. Clients were fighting with workers. One big lady was going to beat Teria up in the driveway. People were mocking and screaming, trying everything to stop the preaching.

But the main thing that continues to drive them crazy is the singing of hymns. Guys come out begging us to stop because it is upsetting everyone inside. That doesn’t work so they bring cars up front to blast gangster rap to try to drown out “Jesus What A Friend For Sinners”. They threaten to pull out their 45’s. It really is amazing when hell is confronted with heaven!


There was great news though. Hope, who has made a profession of faith, got her new Bible today and continues to devour God’s Word.


Two ladies chose life. One I was worried about but the CPC called to tell me she definitely had.

A daughter of a nurse who works on this street also came to OWC. Her mother was told and oh man did that get ugly. She took a brochure and assured her mother she would go to Choices. Another precious sister called and said she was in contact with a young lady who was 24 weeks pregnant and was going to come down here. We got her in touch with a CPC and will be going there tomorrow morning.

It gets completely nuts down here some days. There is so much to pray for..