Dark But Wonderful

As told by John Barros:

The last couple of days have been slow but very busy. Dark but wonderful; such is life on the sidewalk. I got to see an amazing work of God today. After preaching I really had a burden to pray for a young couple inside. I sat on the wall with Tracey and Dianne and began praying. While we were in the middle of prayer the door opened and out they came. Tracey ran to them and she was told with a beaming smile that they had chosen life and didn’t need any help as she had her own doctor.

There was another couple who spoke only French, but God “just happened” to have Mary, a sidewalk counselor from West Virginia who speaks French, show up. She spoke to the couple. They said they were going to try the CPC but would probably be back tomorrow.

Another young lady came for an abortion but her friend stayed in the car. Tracey spoke to her and she began texting her friend inside. Her friend came out three times and finally left but don’t know if she may come back.

A lady saw us all on the sidewalk and stopped for literature and prayer for her daughter who was considering abortion.

There was a very sad family here. A husband actually said that all life is the same in front of his five year old son; that his son was equal in value to a cow. He had no qualms talking about killing his son’s brother or sister right in front of him. Then while I was preaching he kept yelling out the window “Pharisee! Pharisee! Pharisee!” His wife came so close to leaving but she went through with it.

Tracey was able to have a lengthy conversation with Taria, the director of Pendergraft’s abortion mills. Please pray the seeds planted would grow.


It was old and new friend week. Daniel Howell’s amazing wife Brittany stopped by with her boys to help. Sweet Savannah Brenyo was here. The Stouffer family had driven all night from Tennessee on their way to a wedding this weekend, but they wanted to come by to help and encourage.


The Lord really blessed by sending Matthew Tringali and Diane all the way from Utica, New York to come serve here for a couple of days. Matthew is a very bold servant of our King. Diane is a giant heart with feet. They serve in front of a Planned Parenthood in Utica where they cannot get near the people, an extremely difficult ministry. I don’t know how but I fell in love with this brother. I would say I fell in love with Diane too, but people would talk. Please pray for these two and for the people who left today.