Dark Days

As told by John Barros:

 Today was awful.  It wasn’t all that different than most but there was one exception: a young lady came down here for an abortion that had come here over a year ago for an abortion but chose life.  She told me she wasn’t going to listen this time.  A dear young lady, Tani, and I begged her all afternoon. 10401341_10204099151267422_1962117452844477478_n I walked with her all the way to the train station and back offering her the hope there is in Jesus.  I was even able to find her a place to live for her and the baby she had chosen life for a year ago.  She sat on the porch joking and mocking with the rest of the people until they called her in…. a short time later a worker literally drug her to the door and her two friends drug her across the grass to the car, buckling under her weight dropping to the ground as she moaned.  These are the encounters that rip my guts out and haunt my dreams.  When you get so entwined in their lives and have it end like this is awful… I am so thankful that God sent Tani today.  This young lady ministers by herself most of the time in front of an abortion clinic in Atlanta.  What a trooper with a vast knowledge of Scripture and a heart filled with Christ’s love for people.  So thankful she was here today.  10418183_10204099152427451_1757553193587569979_n.