Darkness Showed Up Early… but the Lord Shined a Light

As told by John Barros:

Darkness showed up down here early this morning but when that happens the Lord shines a beautiful light. We had 30-some young Canadians come to Saint Andrew’s on Sunday. They were here to do an awareness campaign about the evils of abortion at UCF. I went by on Tuesday to check it out, see how they were doing, and encourage them. They were doing a wonderful job and having many conversations with students. This morning they all showed up here and joined Bradley Spruill, Esteban De Leon, Warren Marquardt, Samuel Leiro and me. It was so awesome.


I can’t tell all that happened here, but two stories are very cool. A man came to drop a young lady off. The kids were all singing Amazing Grace. The young lady could barely speak English. We did the best we could to speak with her. She kept looking at the whole scene, especially the singers. She went inside but turned around within minutes. She came back out and walked to the car. She talked with her dad and I was able to speak to him. After speaking to her he was so thankful: she had changed her mind! They took the information and drove down the street waving and thanking everyone.


Then a young lady, Cheyenne, came down and asked if John was here. She had been talking to a young lady who had recently come to Christ and is coming.to Saint Andrew’s now. She wanted to know what the Gospel was. She poured out her heart. She is seven months pregnant, the result of a brutal rape. She was never going to have an abortion. We went through the Gospel beginning with Adam to Jesus. She was blown away by the fact that “He made Him who knew no sin, sin that we might have the righteousness of God.” To know that by repenting of her sin and trusting Him she could stand before God and He would love her as much as He loves Jesus. She was overcome and said she wanted to commit her life to Him. It was so beautiful. We all formed a circle on the Dr. Collins’ lawn next to OWC. People prayed for her one by one and then many of these kids continued to counsel and pray with her for a long time. Cheyenne is going to be coming to Saint Andrew’s on Sunday. Please pray for these ladies as well as these kids from Canada. I am so blessed.