As told by John Barros:

  Today was pretty awful.  There were a couple people that turned away, but they wouldn’t stop and talk so I don’t know why they left.  A dozen babies died today. 

 The light of the day is David.  David and his lady have been coming by almost everyday.  They are responding very well to the Gospel and have many questions; they are going to be coming to St. Andrew’s on Sunday.  Today David became absolutely overwhelmed by what was going on here.  He begged me to take my sign and show everyone.  Then he went up and down the street and stood on the corners.  He told me that he stands in front of businesses holding and spinning signs.  He said, “Can I please hold a sign for God?” Please pray for them, they are an awesome couple. 1902901_10204653543926892_5199750161334727077_n.