Death Day

As told by John Barros:

Well it seemed to be “Bring Your Sibling to Death” day. I can never understand how people do this. They actually come and think they can bring their kids in while killing their other baby.

Donna, Karen, Heather, and Yolie served here today.

Sarah Kwok from St. Andrews spoke to a Chinese lady here on the phone trying to bring truth to her but ran inside because she already has three kids.

FAMILY guy from yesterday was back again. He would literally run away from me. He parked close out front to listen to the preaching with his two year old while his lady was inside. He became convicted and ended up coming over to talk. It was fruitless.

There was one turn away. A Range Rover pulled in and they fought for about 40 minutes. Then they tore out of here.

There was a guy that came with LORDS on his rear window. I’ve been looking online. It looks like he may belong to LORD’S GYM. It’s run by a church out here. If any of you go to this church or gym, could you let me know?

Yolie came down today with the most amazing Cuban food she had made. It was unbelievable. Heather and I loved this.