Deer in the Headlights

As told by John Barros:

It was a strangely slow day today at OWC. Only four showed up for abortions, but there were still those in their second day of labor. The parents who¬†pressured their young daughter yesterday did not have the same look today. They had that “deer in the headlights” look. I can’t imagine what that young girl is going through inside that horrible place.

Dear Lauren Blessing came by with her awesome young man Mason to help. She actually took Mason down to the back parking lot to show a couple what a blessing her son has been to her.


A lady who¬†usually serves at Planned Parenthood, Joanne, came by for a while and ol’ faithful Donna was here with me and Bradley.


Chris and Heather Grant came by to tell us how God has been blessing them.

And then believe it or not another young lady named Tracy came by. She is in a really bad set of circumstances right now and is choosing life for her baby and is going with me to Life For Kids tomorrow. Please pray for her. We had a time of sharing the gospel, prayer, and I gave her a Bible. Pray that God would draw her near and deliver her from the situation she is in..