Different Kinds of Nurses

As told by John Barros:

Some days are just incredibly surreal down here. So far three nurses have stopped by. Carolyn came by to pray but two others I have not met before came by from the hospital to give thanks to all who come here. They told me of good things from ladies who chose life but also some awful stories. One told me that a girl was taken from here Saturday by ambulance has a very serious injury. She told me if people knew all the stories of girls coming with post-abortion injuries they surely wouldn’t come. Sadly I told her I don’t think it would make a difference.

Then one of the workers pulled in with her radio blaring praise music singing “Come, Jesus…” Then the lady who runs these places pulled up with her window down and told me if I lose 20 more pounds she will take me to lunch.

There are still a couple of girls inside going through labor from yesterday. Sometimes you just can’t wrap your head around this place. It’s like living in a Stephen King novel.

Please pray. It has been a rough week and the abortion appointment time today is noon. The morning is like the calm before the storm..