Different Than Most

As told by John Barros:

Today was quite a bit different than most. Only seven came this morning. Three of them left. We were so praying that the rest would. At 7:30 a late-term couple, Hector and Maria, pulled up. They rolled down their window and were willing to talk. You could see in their faces that the Lord had been working on them for quite some time. Maria buried her face in her hands and began weeping. Hector immediately began thanking me for being there. They were one of those couples who, strange as it sounds, had been asking God to send a sign or somebody to stop them. They took the materials and didn’t even pull back to the parking lot. They just kept thanking us with tears.


Then another late-term mom came with two “helpers”. They were very vile. They kept coming in and out yelling but after the preaching they came out with heads hung down, absolutely silent. It appeared they were going out back to have a cigarette but to our surprise they pulled up and left. We couldn’t get to them in time so we don’t really know what happened.

Then a young lady named Jade came. Bonnie Franke was able to speak with her and she chose life. She said she was going to go to Choices and took a blessing bag from Esteban De Leon. Then there was the longest gap I have ever seen down here. Philip Kinkopf, Esteban, Bonnie and I were able to have some sweet fellowship here.

Eight workers were here for hours with nobody inside. I don’t know that I have ever experienced that before. But then in the late afternoon checkups came and a few more people came because they have started doing late afternoon abortions on Wednesdays. Please pray for all these folks..