Discount Abortions

As told by John Barros:

Today was very busy in so many ways. The discount abortions remain in effect so the parking lot was packed and the street was slammed as well. The Lord turned four ladies away. Two were turn-aways and two chose life.

Antonio and Makayla had driven all the way down from Pensacola. It was a battle all day with these two coming out several times, but ultimately they came out saying “Thank you” over and over. They left for a long drive home with smiles and a blessing bag. Angelique also left and we were able to have a time of prayer. Please pray for these folks that the Lord would affirm them.

I got to speak to 14 pastors and staff from many churches in the area that came to the building across the street that Choices is raising funds for. It really went well, with some coming down to help us in the afternoon. One pastor upon seeing what was going on here said, “How were we blinded and let this go so far?” It was pretty awesome.


Pastor BJ Milgate was an assistant pastor at my old church. He is now the senior pastor in Lake Nona. It was wonderful having him come down. Pastor Dan also came down and helped out in an awful situation. A mother had been trying to talk her out of there all day. She wouldn’t listen so she sat in her car out front. When I walked by one time she asked me to come over. She had been sitting in her car making baby bracelets. She wanted me to have them to give to anyone that might choose life. It was so sad. Pastor Dan met with her and counseled and prayed with her. I don’t think any pastor is ever the same who comes here.


Thank you all for praying. It truly makes a difference. I am so in debt to Samantha Shaffer, Bonnie Franke, Philip Kinkopf, and Lacey for working so hard down here today. There is also prayer needed for something that could go really good for someone down here. I cannot go into it now, but those of you who have been praying heat it up!