Divine Appointments While OWC is Closed

As reported by John Barros:

choose life, orlando women's center, abortionYou just never know what God is going to bring your way. Carolyn came to OWC by taxi yesterday to have an abortion. She is here from France on a temporary work assignment. She listened for a short time but didn’t really want any of our¬†help.

The clinic gave her a referral letter to another clinic. She stormed out and headed down the street. Amanda went after her, telling her about what a gift God had given her and she decided to give life to her baby! Carolyn turned and came back.

After a lot of discussion she agreed to having us drive her to First Life; Carmen opened the doors early and let us in. In this very short period of time she became excited about being able to see her baby. When we turned to leave she gave me a massive bear hug and thanked us with tears.

This is just one of dozens of women who came to Orlando Women’s Center during the weeks it was closed. Some had no appointments and had assumed the clinic was open, and some had appointments made by calling Orlando Women’s Center who had not known the abortion was actually scheduled at Pendergraft’s other Orlando abortion clinic (EPOC in Lake Ivanhoe). Many babies were saved as John shared the gospel and offered help to these mothers and their companions..