Emotion and Drama

As told by John Barros:

I had to say goodbye to a wonderful family today. It was awesome serving with the Crawfords for the last couple of days. I sure missed them as soon as they drove away.

Today was filled with so much emotion and drama. The first person in this morning was a pretty Hispanic lady in a pink and white sun dress. She came with her boyfriend and twelve-year-old brother. Her brother could speak English and translated. She seemed to be hardening her heart so I called Stella at Choices. She did everything she could, but the girl wouldn’t listen. The boy did everything he could, and her boyfriend even decided they should leave, but she wouldn’t listen. Later in the day the guys came out as she was in the back. They had the ultrasound pictures in their hands. She was pregnant with twins. Please pray for that little boy. I don’t believe he will ever be the same.

Thankfully during the preaching one young lady chose life. All day long there was a young man who sat outside in his car waiting for his girlfriend. He wouldn’t say anything and just sat there in anger. One of the ladies came out after her abortion and began screaming at Tina, saying she was a horrible mother for bringing her kids down here. She was cursing and yelling like crazy.


After John and Tina took their children and left I came back to the wall and the angry young man had moved from his car to the wall. He began talking about how at first he was angry at us but saw all the conversations that were going on with people. He listened to the preaching and saw the love the Crawfords had as a family with their little adopted baby Paisley. He realized he was wrong and wanted his lady to keep the baby but she wouldn’t listen. Then when that lady began screaming at Tina he saw the battle between two kingdoms. It was pretty incredible. I went through the gospel with him; told him he needs to repent and commit his life to Christ. He said he was going to think about all he heard and saw. Michael asked where our church is. I gave him a bulletin and told him I would save him a seat. Please pray for him and all these folks.


Once again there is far to much to talk about here. I am so thankful that Timothy Johnson came down for his first time to serve, and as always so thankful for faithful Beth Goble..