End Abortion Now

As told by John Barros:

I am having an extremely difficult time trying to come up with words to explain the #endabortionnow Conference. What a Blessing Jeff, Luke, Zachary, Marcus, Joy, Zack, and others have been by putting this together. It would take days to cover all the blessings of meeting so many brothers and sisters. I won’t even try but I will give a couple of wonderful statistics:

200 Pastors leaders and soldiers came to this conference from 28 different states. Zack Morgan has started full-time ministrty here and I met three other men that have now started full-time ministry at the abortion mills in their different cities. When asked how many people had not been to an abortion mill before 30-40 people rose their hands. As you can imagine this was an amazingly special time.

The speakers were incredible. Jeff was incredible. Rusty brought truth with fire, and the Lord showed His heart through Jon. Sherrie was so dear.

Apologia Church is the real thing. They want to equip the Church to end abortion now. Speak to the Pastor at your Church. Apologia has start up packs with everything from tracts, brochures, and signs to get you started.

I am so unbelievably blessed to see so many young people joining the battle. Go to ENDABORTIONNOW.COM to get started.