End of a Tough Week

As told by John Barros:

Thank God this week is over. Sheesh, it has been crazy. When the Bible tells us in Romans 8 and James 4 that the world is the enemy of God, it is not kidding. It’s not us that they hate, it is God.

Today about 25 ladies came down here with friends. There were 40-50 people stuffed inside this place. James Pendergraft made a rare appearance for a few hours. I don’t know if he was working but they were blowing them out of here pretty quickly. There was so much anger and so much vileness. God is so good in the midst of all the carnage.

Bradley Spruill came back from vacation today and the Lord sent my dear brother Pastor R.C. Sproul, Jr. down to help and encourage. He has to be the busiest guy I know, so when he comes it truly is a blessing.


In all the vileness there were a couple of beautiful things. After preaching for a while a young man came out the door and onto the sidewalk. He begged me to stop because it was upsetting them inside. I told him I couldn’t stop. After talking a bit he asked if I could stop for ten minutes so he could try to talk his lady out of this. I said “Sure,” and as he reached his hand out to shake mine I noticed he had a leather bracelet with a cross on it. I asked “What are you doing here?” He answered, “I know… pray for me.” After ten minutes the preaching began again. A few minutes later they came out and sat in their car talking. Then for the next hour or so they kept going in and coming out until finally they chose life and blessed us.

The other cool thing is that Amanda Sprague brought her son Jonah back to serve. This young man has been preaching down here for years. He’s 12 now. Today after preaching out front, a couple pulled into the back. Jonah went down and called out to them for about half an hour. After a while they started up their car and left. I don’t know what that was all about, but the people were amazed that a little boy would cry out to them. He is a very special boy with very special parents.