As told by John Barros:

  Today was so crazy.  We had three young ladies choose life and had six ladies turn away.  One of the ladies chose life at the risk of her own life.  She didn’t want to kill her baby and one of the guys that brought her was hanging onto the door, cursing at her, telling her to get out of the car while kicking her.  Little Evan came running up to get me but they sped away when told the police were called and we could not get back up to get the license plate.  Please pray for her safety.10300889_10204777248659433_5994313261006420792_n

 Another one came saying she was sorry but she had to abort her baby.  After speaking to the guy that brought her he went in and brought her out saying they were going to go to a crisis pregnancy center.  The third girl kept coming out during the preaching.  Each time her heart was being softened by God.  Finally she and her boyfriend came out, looked at me and said, “Man, you talk too much” with a smile.  They went back to their car and talked for a long time.  They pulled away; he wasn’t too happy but took the information and thanked us.  10646697_10204777249619457_9036209001474797052_n

  There was another beautiful thing that happened today: Tracey Sarnicki, from St. Andrew’s, came down to serve with her ten year old son, Evan.  Evan is an absolutely wonderful young man, other than being a Noles fan, but we can work on that. 🙂  Evan brought his homework and also did his Biblical studies class down here.  He fearlessly engaged with people going inside, telling them they need to trust God.  He also was part of his Mother working with a man by the name of Keith. 10636173_10204777248939440_1562059096040579040_n  Keith is wanting to repent from a life of sin that he is facing the ravages of now.  Tracey destroyed false doctrines and myths and straightened the road for him.  One of the most awesome things I have ever seen was little Evan praying with his mother and Keith; so unbelievably precious.  Can’t wait for Evan to meet Jonah Sprague.  What a team that will be in the future.  Please pray for Keith, and the ladies that chose life today, as well as the ones that turned away, that they would stay away. .