Even on Slow Days

As told by John Barros:

Well they finished the roof and other things they have been working on and reopened today. We were blessed to have John and Angie Moore as well as Aura from Ligonier Ministries join Pastors David and H.P. and Karen down here.

It was a rather slow day. Only six people came. The most amazing thing was that we had three turnaways. Two of them would not talk to us when they left. One of the couples that turned away said they really don’t know why they were leaving but they just wanted to get out of there. Then there was Joey and Jasmine.

They pulled up under the tree next door during the preaching. Jasmine opened her door half way but they just kept sitting in the car with the door open. After a while Karen went over and introduced herself. Jasmine said they had come for an abortion but we’re listening to the preaching. Jasmine is 18 and she told Karen her Dad knew she was coming but didn’t want her to do this. Karen continued to speak with them and even went through the Evangelism Explosion Gospel Presentation with them. Karen came back as they continued to sit in the car. Finally Joey started up the car and they drove away.

There was another pretty awesome thing that happened as well. Shantel came by and asked if she could have the newspaper that was here. She was looking for coupons. Her husband John and daughter Kelly were at a doctor’s appointment down the street. Karen began to speak with her and ended up asking her the Evangelism Explosion questions. They went through the whole thing and Shantel came under conviction. She made a profession of faith. Pastor H.P. and Karen prayed with her. John and her daughter came to pick her up and she told them immediately what had happened.

Even on a slow day the Lord Jesus does amazing things. Please pray for all these ladies that left. Thank you.