Everyone Heard the Gospel

As told by John Barros:

Well, today was pretty rough. It wasn’t real busy here, but boy we were busy pretty much all day. Trust me, everyone heard the Gospel and were offered help. The hearts were just so hard. There was a couple of girls with Kentucky plates that turned away but we really don’t have any idea what happened to them.

Chuck and Mary took another day out of their vacation to minister with Bradley, Yolie, and me. We were blessed to have Patte join us. Patte gave everything she had. She is a trooper and such an encourager. Unfortunately, it was one of those days that you feel like you need three or four showers to get clean.

I did get one bit of wonderful news this afternoon, though.  Those of you that have been praying for Bessy will be happy to know she affirmed her decision of choosing life for her baby and is now just considering whether to keep her baby or bless a family that needs a baby.