Everything Changing

As told by John Barros:

Everything is changing here. A young lady left today and said the workers told the early people to come back in a few hours so they wouldn’t have to hear the preaching. Over twenty came for abortions today. Many of them late-term pill abortions that were here last week. Randall Whitney was the abortionist today. He rarely does them on Mondays.

We had a great turnout. Tracey Sarnicki, Bill, Stephen, Angel, Consuela, Jesse Stiemann, Steven Montalvo, and Philip Kinkopf came to serve. God is really lighting a fire in these people.

A young lady named Martha came out today. She was angry and flustered. She stopped and listened to scripture. Then she walked up to the sidewalk; we talked and had prayer. God opened her eyes and she left. She went to Choices and got loved on by all those ladies. Martha is in a tough spot: she is in an abusive relationship, has no papers, works as a cleaning lady and has two kids already. Please pray she.will continue to trust God and reach out to us..