Faith, Hope, and Love

As told by John Barros:

I am so thankful for the RBC kids who¬†come down and join in the craziness down here. They are so full of faith, hope, and love. We had our share of “nuts” today but the Lord was so kind to a few ladies. One couple came out and left. She was under some really heavy conviction. Another was a turn-away, and then there was Monica.


She was in and out all day with her mother. Her mother left her here, and after a while Monica came out and went to the back on the phone with her mother. She was screaming out in such pain saying “I can’t kill my baby, Mom. Please come and get me!” After a long conversation her mother.relented and came to get.her. Monica finally took some info and asked for prayer. Please pray for her. She is going to have a rough road to go down..