Faith to Trust Him

As told by John Barros:

Blessed to serve with Donna and Karen today. Had the opportunity to share about Mother’s Day and motherhood during the preaching.
One young lady came out and was very angry. She stood on the porch and let me know it. When confronted with scripture she went out back and left with her driver who had taken our info.

Another guy who had his manhood challenged came out with his wife. She had chosen life and he was scared. He asked how he’s supposed to be able to afford his baby for 20 years. I told him to trust God. No one is guaranteed finances for 20 years but God takes care of those that trust him.

Please pray for these folks. Pray God would give them faith to trust Him.

There was a very sad story today though. A mother and daughter that came from Alabama last Friday returned yesterday and today. Last Friday they were met by Karen and Warren. The teenage girl fought her mom all day. She kept coming out crying begging her mom to not do this. Her mom kept telling her daughter to “get her act together.” Karen seems to think her dad is a pastor in Alabama. Yesterday they would not speak to us. Today they showed up for the second day of her labor and delivery abortion. When the young girl would walk by she looked horrified really. Her face would haunt you as she was doing the “death march” and walking around trying to hurry her labor eventually delivering her baby into a toilet. They never would listen or speak with us. I asked the mom how she could do this to her daughter and grandchild but she would only look with a blank stare. I sure felt for this young girl. Please pray for her as well.