Fake Coupons

Recently coupons from Orlando Women’s Center for a discount on abortions (“Sunday only”) has gone viral, being covered everywhere from Florida Right to Life to Drudge Report to the local CBS affiliate. Even Mark Driscoll posted about it on Facebook.

As John Barros reports, though, Orlando Women’s Center has not been open on Sundays for more than a year. Even though clinic owner James Pendergraft told reporters OWC would be open “seven days a week”, it has still been closed on Sundays because they cannot find a doctor willing to kill babies that day.

He is glad to report, however, that likely thanks in part to all the bad publicity, OWC has not been nearly as busy since it reopened. Before it was raided there were usually 20-25 women each day who came to kill their babies. Now it is more like 8-10.