Fewer Abortions Than Clinic Workers

As told by John Barros:

What an awesome day… Jasmine brought Victoria down to bless and help this morning. What a great way to start.


Then God showed off. There were nine ladies who came for abortions. Three chose life and there were two turnaways.

Felicia and her boyfriend Ricardo chose life and then went back in and started screaming at the workers in Spanish about killing babies.

Tenika came with her father; ┬áhe came under heavy conviction and told her to get in the car. She wouldn’t so he left her there. About an hour later she came out crying and left.

Then Esther came and even though she has two kids and doesn’t know how she will do it, she chose life. They all went to CPCs.

Thank God he brought Amanda down to help. She is so strong and has such a huge heart.


God is really moving down here. All week there have been fewer people going through with abortions than workers here. Keep praying; they are getting extremely angry!.