Fighting for Life

As told by John Barros:

Had some dear friends come down to serve with Karen and I today. Jerry and Kelly Laughridge are truly a gift.

It was a pretty busy and the Lord really worked down here. One of the guys came out and said “You have to quit preaching, man, everyone inside is sobbing.” We had three turn aways.

One of the young lady’s that turned away looked so much like my daughter Charis. It just made it a lot more personal. I would hope someone would be there for my kids if they were in trouble.

She kept coming in and out and was more troubled every time she did. She came out one last time, we thought to have another cigarette, but thankfully she got in her car and left.

Then there was Kaysen and Terry. They were here yesterday morning. I was able to speak to him and Deanna was able to speak to her. They left only to return today.

Well today, Kaysen said that Terry “is the boss and I can’t do anything about this.” These two are very young. They have been raised in churches but never heard any scripture pertaining to what they were about to do. The team spent a lot of time with Kaysen. He finally agreed to do everything in his power to get her out. She came out just before the abortionist arrived. They chose life. I verified it with a worker. Please pray for all these that left today. We can never underestimate the pressure people are under.

Kaysen being encouraged to fight for his lady and baby

The new company that picks up the babies came here today. Their name is UMI. Let’s please begin calling to let them know what they are doing and what you think of this. Three other companies have left here just by people doing that.

The new people that pick up the babies. Let’s call and write them