Fort Lauderdale

As told by John Barros:

I had a wonderful day in Fort Lauderdale. I went down to help Stacy and Erika serve in front of the Fort Lauderdale Women’s Center. We had heard that no one was serving at this clinic, but were pleasantly surprised to find about twenty other people out there. It turns out that 40 Days For Life was targeting this clinic. I can’t think of a better clinic to serve at.


There is a church right next door that helps. One of the pastors was so thankful. You can have full access to their property. You can actually be about two feet from the window at one spot.


I am looking for a retired Christian man to step up and adopt this place. He could really make a difference, and there are folks who want to serve with him. Please pray that God would raise up such a man.

I got to serve with Al Mohler’s mother today as well as various leaders of several right to life groups and some of the dearest saints you could ever want to meet. Christine LaValley saw my post on Facebook and came.┬áIt was so awesome to serve and decompress with Stacy and Erika. They have such huge hearts for Jesus and the lost.

So many of these folks are willing to serve, and a full-time witness would be easy here. Please pray this place gets covered. I’m going to do what I can with Stacy but a local man is really needed..