From A Brawl to Tears of Joy

As told by John Barros:

A bit busy today down here with Bradley and Stephen. Pretty hard folks, but there was one turn away and one couple chose life.

Ashley came and wouldn’t listen. During the preaching they came out and the brawl began. They were fighting on the porch, then went down the street and back in front of Dr. Collins’, continuing to fight. They counted out $1600 right in front of us to pay for her 20 week abortion.

She went inside, he left, and she came right back outside. She walked over to the wall and asked what Choices and God could do for her. After a lengthy conversation, she asked for my phone. She called her boyfriend and chose life.

I thought there would be another brawl but he pulled up thanking us. God had been working on him. It really was pretty cool. They asked for a bulletin from St. Andrew’s and want to come. It was so amazing to watch them go from counting out money to tears of joy in about an hour.

Got to spend the evening with some of the dearest people I know. Thank you Vicky and all the Choices team. Y’all are awesome! Received a bit of good news for the Saturday team. This place will be closed.