From Darkness to Light

As told by John Barros:

It’s so strange to go from an abortion mill to a Ligonier conference on the same day. To go from such Darkness to such Light. I really can’t even explain it.

At the mill it was not very busy. So thankful for Pastor Dan, Matt, Chuck and Mary, Beth, and Karen.

Three ladies left. A couple of things I never heard of happened. Two ladies came out and said that they wouldn’t give them an abortion because they couldn’t see their babies on an ultrasound. They were too early. I have never heard that before. I don’t know if they have quit doing pill abortions.

One of the ladies said “I won’t be having an abortion.” She says she will be keeping her baby. The other one said she was told to come back in a couple of weeks. She said she would have done it today but after hearing preaching and the ladies she doesn’t know what she is going to do. She began to get upset about the abortion she had four years ago. She was given the Gospel and she left. Please pray for these two as well as another that was a turnaway.

Funeral home taking a Precious Baby from here[/caption] There was a very sad sight here today as well. A man from a funeral home came to get a little baby. He said he came to pick up a baby that had passed away. I know the couple that came for their abortion. Winnie Palmer Hospital sent them over here after their baby died. It was so sad to see a baby being brought out in a little white box. So sad to think of all the others in the freezer that no one cares about.

Funeral home taking a Precious Baby from here

The Conference is so special. So many people from all over the place that are fighting abortion in so many different ways. So awesome to have the leader tell 5,000 folks to come to my table to see how they can get in the fight.

A wonderful man by the name of Roy Medley came over with a sign. He told me that three years ago he heard me speak about retired men adopting an abortion clinic. Roy went home, made a sign, and has been standing in front of an abortion mill everyday they are open in Ft. Meyers for the last three years…What an amazing man.

Roy is amazing.

No way to go into all that is going on here.