God Gives New Sight

As reported by John Barros:

God is so good. First thing this morning a man I have never met before, Jim, stopped by. He said he saw the video and realized I was the man he has driven by for years. Jim said that he has been deeply convicted since seeing it. He asked me why he wasn’t out on the sidewalk, and I said I don’t know. He owns a business on the next block and said he could hear the preaching. After a great discussion he is going to give it a try. He gave me a big thumbs up.

Then believe it or not three real men stood up and got their ladies out of the clinic and chose life together. One young couple Rhonnie and Joe stood outside in the “valley of decision” for over 45 minutes. There were two turnaways as well.

It was busy today; about 15 lives were taken.

Thank God Warren, from Minnesota, came down to help. He also saw the video and came down to OWC. Then Bryan, came down, and last but not least dear Deanna came down.


There is nothing like this ministry, nothing like the faces of those Jesus gives sight to, nothing like the sweet fellowship of brothers and sisters in the battle. Thank you so much for your prayers; He heard you!.