God Hates The Hands That Shed Innocent Blood

As told by John Barros:

So blessed to have Bill and Debbie down here today. Debbie’s gifts are┬ásinging, prayer, and loving her neighbor.

It was the second day of labor and delivery abortions, and so many came with their blankets and pillows. There was one very depressing moment. A young lady came out during the preaching and said she was going to keep her baby. She went out back but got on the phone. Whoever she spoke to talked her into going back in.

There was one young lady that chose life though. She was spoken to on the way in. After about twenty minutes, she came back out and asked for the brochures we pass out. She said she will be going to Choices. The security guard, Kerry, was running around the place looking for them but thankfully they parked down the street and he couldn’t get to them.

Kerry came up to me today and said “you stand out here everyday judging people, and the Bible says you can’t judge.” I told him that I don’t judge anybody. I warn people about the judgement God is going to do to those that die without Christ, and how His wrath is piled upon them awaiting sentencing day if they don’t repent. He said “I am a Christian, John – I pray”. I assured him that he is not and told him that every baby he escorts into their death’s blood will be on his hands and God hates the hands that shed innocent blood. He said “That’s messed up, John”.

Please pray for Kerry. He comes to me every day with these statements. I believe it’s the way he asks questions. I also believe God is convicting him hard. He isn’t the cocky guy he used to be.