God is Always Moving

As told by John Barros:

It was like the old days down here again today. So Awful. There were between 30 and 35 ladies here. We had a few turnaways but I am not imagining for one minute that they are choosing life.

It was like we had entered “Potterville.” The people were so hard and angry. There were no seats inside and they were filling papers out outside and in their cars.

People out on the street were out of control as well. The attendant for the valet across the street began hurling curses from across the street. He was cheered on by the valets. It was so crazy.

Two sisters came down wearing the same dresses. One sister was showing solidarity in her sisters decision to kill her niece.

Many Dads had their other children outside in the back waiting. I can’t tell you how horrible it is to see little girls playing soccer out back while waiting for mom to kill their brother or sister.

Little girl playing soccer out back waiting for mom to kill her brother or sister

We had every kind of wickedness you could imagine today. I was also reminded of the hit piece the New York Post did on Pastor Jeff. In that film the Planned Parenthood folks had truth flee from them. One of them said Pro Lifers offer chocolate to ladies coming in to keep them from having an abortion or possibly killing them because they will have sedation.

I don’t know what kind of sedation their ladies get but these ladies stuff anything that will fit in their mouth. Ladies eating pizzas, Subway foot longs, burgers fries anything. They don’t stop anyone from sedation here.

Speaking of sedation. They were so busy here today that I know they got people out of here way earlier than normal. Ladies were shuffling not walking. They had workers walking backwards while the lady that had the abortion was holding on to her for dear life. The really bad ones were carried out the back into their cars. This place is so bad.

So thankful for those that cruised in and out to help. Philip, Karen, Marcia, and Yolie, served under some hard conditions.

The Lord is so Good though. At the end of the day I received a phone call. I put it on speaker so that Karen and Yolie could hear. It was a precious lady that chose life last week and went to Choices. She was overcome with gratitude to God and just wanted to say Thank You. She told us all the good things Jesus is doing for her. We are going to have a Thank You Jesus Party next week.

I believe the Lord was reminding us He is in charge. Even when we see such carnage we need to trust Him. He is always moving.