God is at Work

As told by John Barros:

Today was a good day.  God put together a wonderful team; so thankful for my brothers and sisters at St. Andrew’s and Reformation Bible College. 10565135_10204602360527339_8232633175487939345_nHad a couple of folks here for the first time. A lady named Jennifer has wanted to come down but was very nervous about it.  She said her background would have been protesting against us.  But she’s is a natural, with a heart filled with compassion and love for her neighbor.  Evan Sarnicki came with his Mother and was doing a combination of math and ministry.  10441141_10204602358087278_1185028653605908814_n  God turned the hearts of two young ladies today.  One of which said, “We are leaving and will not be back!”   There were also a couple of turn aways as well.  Please continue to pray for us down here….God is at work..