God is Good

As told by John Barros:

God was so good today. The place was still very busy but three chose life and there were two turnaways.

Steve and Kayla came but met Beth before going inside. She spoke with them and they changed their mind. Beth prayed with them but they returned a little later. They were having a hard time believing they could make it. We had a long talk but Kayla went inside. She came back out and said she is not doing this and will not return. Please pray for them and that they would not let pride get in the way of asking for help.

During the preaching, “Mario” and “Maria” came out. Mario looked at me and did that two fingered salute over his heart and said Thank You. She was not exactly happy with him but she left with him. Please pray the Lord would work on their hearts. He was so thankful when they pulled up.
“Sonya” also came out during the preaching. She came up and said she changed her mind and has two other children but said she didn’t believe the Church would help her. Pastor Dan took her and gave his word that his Church would. Please pray that God would give her faith to trust Him and that she and her family would become members of that Church.

Pastor Dan brings the Gospel to Sonya

Throughout the day, several came to help. Thank you Karen, Chuck, Mary, Pastor Dan, Beth, Yolie, Andrea, Edwin, and Heather Botero.

Thank you all for praying. You all are a vital part of the ministry down here.