God is Good

As told by John Barros:

  Well we had a couple of surprises today down here today.  One of our pastors, Don Bailey, came down to serve with us.  Pastor Don worked and prayed with us, and he was able to see God turn the heart of a young lady.  She stood up to an extremely angry Mom. Pastor Bailey is such a blessing. 10460325_10204617295980716_1517053798105432183_nThen a couple of dear friends, Tom and Sara Donkin came by from Lexington, Kentucky to serve.  They are such a blessing as well.  Everyone worked tirelessly today, in ninety-six degree heat.10599207_10204617299940815_4148362938619635858_n

God really moved on hearts today and a total of three ladies chose life.  One was an atheist that stood outside cursing the preaching, conversations, and God Himself half the day.  Amazingly God crushed her hard heart and she chose life against the wishes of her extremely angry boyfriend; it was truly unbelievable.  Then a young Hispanic late term lady chose life.  Her and her boyfriend had their hearts opened.

  Then the Mother of the young girl that had decided to keep her baby from this morning came back with the girl’s Aunt.  They were there to get the young lady to go through with it.  Daylan was able to give a clear presentation of the Gospel to the Aunt.  She came to realize she wasn’t a believer.  Thankfully it was then too late in the day for the girl to have an abortion.  Please pray that God continues to work in that family and that they don’t return.  God is so good. 10492224_10204617296620732_4914491713308321060_n.