God moves in a powerful way

As told by John Barros:

 God moved in a powerful way today… I am trying to recover.  We had three choose life, two ladies leave- and I’m almost positive they will be keeping their babies- and another sweet young lady go to “Life For Kids” to begin the process of giving the ultimate gift of a baby to someone that cannot have one of their own.  There were fifteen or more ladies that came to kill their babies today.  They were huddled in fear around the back and inside. 10413354_10203963602998800_6805361985942391038_n  Most would not listen and would only mock… My reformed friends may not believe what I am going to say but that’s ok.  As everyone was arriving a other and daughter arrived. The mother began cursing at Bradley.  I looked at them and the man that drove them and just knew that they were not going to go through with it.  As the man, John, began to take off I told him, “John, don’t go very far because you will be back in a half hour.”   The young lady, Jessica, and her mother said that they had to do this, because Jessica couldn’t take care of the kids she has now, let alone another one.  I asked her if she would let anyone kill either of her other two kids, and she said no and they then went inside…Ten minutes later Jessica comes out straight at me at a speed I thought may cause me some bodily harm!  She comes over and says this can’t be a baby yet.  I asked her to sit on the wall and we went through her situation and shared how God is bigger than any situation. 10259880_10203963603838821_4562528730431036234_n While we are talking she begins reading Ray Comforts tract “In The Womb.”  She turns the page to see a picture of an 8-12 week baby, bursts into tears and yells, “I can’t do this!”   Her mother was still trying to talk her into it but The Lord intervened… It was so beautiful!  They called John to come get them.  It was over in thirty minutes but it took him longer than that to get back.   He smiled, thanked us and shook my hand.  He said, “You won!”  I said no, and told him it was Jesus and Jessica who won.  He wants to go talk with me about this so pray he will, and please pray for Jessica and her Mother, they are next to being homeless. Later two ladies came and were met by Tanner and Tracey.  Alicia and Sarah came over to see what they had to say.  I’ve only seen this once before: both ladies were pregnant and coming together for abortions. They went from saying they were there for birth control to admitting they were having abortions. 10405604_10203963604678842_5637988747147077510_n Tracey loved on them like only she can do, gave them all the information she could, and they asked for prayer.  We prayed with them and they went to First Life.  I’ve probably written to long already,  but there are so many more stories just from today… Even my dear friend Paula stopped by to encourage!   Paula and her husband Dave Risler have faithfully been coming here for years on Saturday mornings.  Please go to the abortion clinics in your town and watch what God will do… Nothing like it..

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  1. Hi Mr. Barros, I want to thank you SO much! You are such a great encouragement to me. I have known about your ministry for a while now, but I have only recently found this wonderful blog. Every Saturday I go with my pastor and several other people from my church and stand in front of the busiest abortion clinic in Portland. It is very hard, often ugly gospel ground, though we have had 5 babies saved! Just knowing that babies are often saved at your abortion clinic every week makes it easier to continue at our clinic on days when babies are not saved. God bless you and all your crew many times over!!!!! Mikhaila

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