God Saves Twins

I don’t really know how to describe today down here. God really moved here in a mighty way and Karen, Marcia MacDonald Devor, and I were honored to serve with some of people that we admire so much.

Some of the staff from Ligonier Ministries came down: Chris Larson, Jason Sponagle, Lisa Stolz and her daughter Chelsea Stolz. Such a blessing to have them here and they jumped right in.

There were three turnaways today. One even gave us a smile and a big thumbs up but we weren’t able to speak with them so we don’t know their story. There is one, however, whose story we do know.

Jasmine came this morning with her boyfriend Al. They were bound and determined to have their abortion. Lisa and Chelsea were able to meet with them but Jasmine just wanted to get in there because she has a five-month-old boy. After being inside a while, they left but she returned right away. Chelsea and Lisa met with her again but she went back inside. During the preaching Al came back and joined her. He angrily yelled about the preaching and the Bible when he went inside. After the preaching they came outside walked over to Chelsea and gave her a big hug. God had changed her heart. Chelsea and Lisa went with them over to Choices.

She had found out she was having twins. Chelsea was kind of amazed how Jasmine had been willing to kill her twins because she was young and didn’t care. Then she went to caring and as their eyes were opened they began to see supporting parents and family members.

Chelsea loving on Jasmine after choosing life for her twins.

At Choices they confirmed their desire to choose life. It is amazing how hopeless people feel at the mill but once they choose life and leave they can see again. Please pray for Jasmine and the others that left today.

So thankful for Ligonier Ministries. They feed so many that minister inside and outside the church. I need them desperately. I need more than just Sunday mornings. They produce Renewing Your Mind, Table Talk Magazine, RefNet Radio, countless teaching series, as well as quality education through Ligonier Connect. You can check them out at Ligonier.org. Please pray for them as well as they work to build up the saints for ministry.