God Showing Himself

As told by John Barros:

God showed Himself in power and grace today. Three young ladies chose life.

One in such a sweet way: He used Abigail, Beth, and Sarah to minister to Mia. Her husband Greg stood beside her. Greg and Mia see a need to get right with God and have asked for help in finding a church where they live in Melbourne.

God also touched the heart of a young lady named Juanita. Mia and Juanita both went to Choices; Daria Monroe, Callie Caraballo, and the rest of that team began them on a road to help.

There were so many conversations today. The RBC students were busy all day with their apologetics skills. R.C. Sproul, Jr. came down and labored. It is always a very special day when he comes down. He is such a preacher and encourager.


Then Mary and Mandy from Life For Kids came down to help. I am so thankful for Bradley, Andrew, and Zachary Johnson. What an awesome end to a tough week. Our God reigns..