God Turns Hard Hearts

As told by John Barros:

Something happened today that was pretty amazing. A couple arrived in a Cadillac about 8:15 and walked up to the door. He was about 50, and thought he was all cool and began the usual mouthing off that these guys do. She wouldn’t say one word. The doors were locked, and the more I spoke to her, the madder he got.

They were offered the literature. He finally took it, and after showing it to her, he gave it back. He said I was no different than the “protester nuts” they have back home in Ocala. He again asked me to shut up, and said nothing I can do will change her mind, and that she is doing it because some guy left her after finding out she was pregnant.

I continued to offer help and told him I don’t change hearts, but have seen God turn hearts much harder than theirs before. He began mocking God’s ability to do this. About ten till nine the workers opened the door early and they went inside.

Other people began arriving, and at ten the door opened. He looked like a deer in the headlights. The young lady he brought stopped on the sidewalk and finally said something, “thank you so much”. They went to the car and sat inside for quite some time, and then they left. What a picture this was of God doing what folks think is impossible. I hope they remember that moment when He touched that young lady’s heart.

There were two others that were turn aways during the preaching. One was a maniacal father and daughter, the other  a young lady that left with her boyfriend against his wishes. Please pray they stay strong.

It was such an honor to have Tracy and Sarah join Bradley, Steven and me today.
I don’t think they are going to be doing many more Sunday openings. There were only three clients yesterday for nine workers and an abortionist. Yolie, Bradley, and I were blessed to have Tim join us in the cold.