God Turns Three Hearts

As told by John Barros:

Today was so insane. The weather is warming up so people are coming out to talk but you almost wish they wouldn’t because of what they say.

So Thankful to serve with Yolie, Heather, and Marcia. They were troopers and the place was packed. It was supposed to be scheduled for 1:00 but the people began arriving at 10:00.

It would be impossible to tell everything but the Lord turned the hearts of three ladies. One came with her husband at 10:00 but Yolie and Heather were able to speak at length to her. They sat out back and then pulled out, thanked the girls, and left.

A mother and daughter came from Canada. They both looked like they could be models but they were very hard and angry. Half way through the preaching they came out as soon as the daughter looked at me I almost lost it. It had to be one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen. So many thank you’s and a hug. Mom was even smiling and waving when they drove out.

Then there was a very ugly one that God intervened in. A guy brought his girlfriend here. He was vile and she was angry. He kept screaming that this “bastard” is not going to live. She was pregnant by some other guy and he wasn’t going to raise this kid. He was mocking us and cursing like his tongue was on fire from Hell. After the preaching she began to change. They went out back and world war three began. He was screaming at her that her baby was a “Bastard Child.” She stood up to him and this went on and on and on. God even broke his truck down during all this and it wouldn’t start. He just got angrier. He kept coming up yelling that this “bastard” isn’t going to live. She still remained strong. He stormed out of this place after he got his truck started. She got inside and he burned rubber all the way up the side from the back into the street and then down the street.

Please Pray for all those that chose life today.