God Wants Us To Trust

As told by John Barros: 

Today was so awesome. It’s been so busy lately, but today was extremely slow. Even though it wasn’t busy, the Lord did some huge things. Today He brought some wonderful people down to serve. Dennis and Sherrie, as well as Jenifer, Kimberly, and Heather came for the first time to serve with John, Bonnie, Yolie, and me.

We were all able to watch God turn hearts and people away from here. The Lord has been working on workers’ hearts and a couple have quit. Today in the middle of preaching, Sheila, a worker here, pulled up and yelled “come here John!” I walked over and she said “I can’t take this anymore. I quit!” She said it right in front of the Security Guy. He was pretty darn upset. She asked for prayer so we all gathered around and prayed for her. I can’t tell you how awesome this was. Please pray that the Lord would open her eyes to what she was doing and that He would grant her repentance.

There were two ladies that chose life as well. Ricardo and Aurelius were met by Yolie first thing. She spoke to them and they pulled in back. They sat there a couple of hours and pulled up in tears thanking us for being there. We were able to have a time of prayer with them after they chose life.

Another couple came and we were able to speak with Anthony. He said it was Lateesha’s choice. He was told what God thinks of this and that we have never seen a lady go through with it when the man she loves goes inside, puts his arm around her, and says come on we can do this. He was also encouraged to just try half as hard as he did to get her to sleep with him for the first time and she will leave.

About fifteen minutes after they went inside, they came out. He had the biggest smile on his face. I said boy, it didn’t even take you fighting half as hard and he said nope! She was in tears saying thank you. When they pulled up they were just filled with thank yous.

Then Anthony and Dominique called to say they had chosen life. They were turn aways from Monday. They wanted to know what to do. They will be going to Choices tomorrow morning.

I can never figure out how God works. Some days it seems like He is not working, then other days are like this. I have to learn over and over again that God doesn’t need us to figureHim out. He simply wants us to trust.

So thankful for all the folks that came. Please pray for everyone involved today. Thank you.