God’s Amazing Goodness

As told by John Barros:

A young lady came with her mother today. The mom laid into Deanna saying there is nothing you can say to change our minds. During the preaching they came out. The mom seemed to have changed her mind and her daughter was screaming at me about what my words were doing to ladies inside. I explained they weren’t my words. Please pray God softens the daughter.

Then there was Samantha. She has a mental disability. She pulled in the drive and spoke for some time until a worker pulled up behind and laid on her horn.

They walked up and we spoke at length. She even wanted prayer. She still had her heart as hard as a rock and went inside.

Her driver came out and told Michael and I that Amanda had an abortion and it tears her up every day. We were able to go through the Gospel with her. She told us the workers at the assisted living place where Samantha lives had told her not to do this. She had been to Grace Pregnancy Center in DeLand but was still doing this.

During the preaching Amanda came out for a cigarette and Allura and Anne got to speak with her and pray with her.

During the preaching Samantha kept looking out the window. As I left for church she came out. So thankful that God touched the heart of a poor mentally challenged young lady. So thankful to see this picture that was sent as soon as I left.

Thank God for His Amazing Goodness this morning.