God’s Amazing Grace

As told by John Barros:

I truly don’t even know where to begin to tell of God’s amazing grace here today. God turned the hearts of three ladies today. Two couples came out looking terrified but the one I love is Esmeralda. She came and listened to everything that could be said. We had a time of prayer. She began crying but said she had to go inside. She sat through a lot of preaching and then she came out and asked if I wanted to see her baby. She held the ultrasound of her six-week-old baby. She told us, “I am keeping MY baby.” OWC tried to have her come back in a few weeks but she said she is going to go to Choices. It was awesome. We were doing some celebrating there today.


There were so many conversations. Warren Marquardt shared the gospel with a young lady who came to be support for someone. She was cocky at first but ended up giving us chocolates, decided not to be part of this, and left. Bryan McDaniel was able to come back after being away so long; he preached with power and prayed like crazy.


One of the most amazing things I have seen happened today. Philip Kinkopf, a mild-mannered young man who runs the sound board at Saint Andrew’s, came for his first time. I told him he needed to preach so it would break the ice for future times. I couldn’t believe how well he did. I thought he would last about five minutes but he preached boldly and with passion like I have never seen from a first-timer. He was horrified at what was going on in there and the cavalier attitude of those inside. There was so much more. It’s hard to explain these things online. You have to be there to really get this..