God’s Beauty Is Beyond Words

As told by John Barros:

“Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness,
And for His wonderful works to the children of men!”  Psalm 107:31

I will try to explain today in words what the Lord did here today in front of Bradley and I, but you will not get it. There is no way you can because we experienced it but can’t really come to grips with how He moved here. God’s beauty is beyond words.

Today was pillow and blanket day. Six late term Moms were doing the “death march” out back, trying to hurry their labor to deliver their late term babies in a toilet. It started out very dark with no one listening.

The Lord turned two away and we watched him bring five ladies to choose life. The first was a lady that came out and said thank you. Her boyfriend was angry and could not believe she changed her mind.

Then Awlna came. She and her friend are Muslim and came for an abortion. They stayed in their car and listened as they were told that God hates the shedding of innocent blood and that we could help them. I told them I know an Imam that told me abortion is the worst sin in Islam. They became absolutely horrified. They said over and over again “I know! I know!” Then they began thanking and thanking. They drove off waving and thanking us.

Then Crystal came by. She chose life for her boy three and a half years ago. As she came, Anna and her friend were dropped off. Anna said she had to have an abortion because the doctor told her something could be wrong. Crystal shared how doctors told her that with her boy but he is three and is her biggest blessing. They wouldn’t listen. Anna went in but after the preaching she came out several times.

When the truck came for a weeks worth of dead babies, I just had to preach again. Anna’s friend came out and said Anna went back to have her abortion. Bradley, Peter, and I began praying. We asked the Lord to literally get her off the table and bring her out. We went crazy when she came out with her friend in tears. It turns out there is nothing wrong with the baby and she is 13 weeks. We were able to pray with her and off they went.

Then Maria came out and took her wannabe New York vanilla ice boy to task. They went to war on the side of the building, down back, in the car, and up the drive with him flipping us off and her thanking us.

Then there is Nikki. She is a very tall, beautiful young lady. From the minute she arrived I keyed on her. After the preaching she came out and walked to the side. Everywhere she would walk on the brick sidewalk I would mirror her on the concrete one. For over four hours she would come in and out countless times. Through every preaching time she would come out and look out the windows. I really didn’t know what else to say. I sat on the wall next to Bradley, exhausted.


The door opened one more time and it was her. She peeked around the tree and asked “can I have a hug?” I am still weeping here even as I am writing this. I said of course and stood to walk to her. She came running, sobbing with tears of joy, and hit me like a train. She said “my name is Nikki, thank you so much.”

I can’t even tell you the other things she said. It was like time stopped, like I was watching a movie. I began to feel like I was blacking out. I said I think I might be having a heart attack. Nikki said “no, John, you have to meet my baby.”

We had such an unbelievable time of praying and praising Jesus for what He had done for her. I told her to get to Choices. She said “I will, but right now, John, I am going home to bed. I am worn out.”

I cannot fathom how good God is. He snatched Nikki and these others out of the gates of hell today. It was so surreal watching Him saving these people all around as others were out back marching their babies to death. I can’t believe the blessing I receive by being able to watch Him show off.