God’s Power Made Perfect in Weakness

As told by John Barros:

I can’t begin to thank you all for your prayers today. God did things I never thought I would see. Police were there three different times including an investigator. There were close to thirty here today. People who come to work on the sidewalk were unable to make it and it was crazy. Beth Kee saw my post on Facebook about being alone this morning and came down to help.

To make a long story short, five ladies chose life today. There was a man who stood up and took his wife home. A young lady who was overcome sweetly chose life. The daughter of a feminist chose life and her mother went completely nuts on us.

Jared Mellick brought me a sandwich for lunch and was able to see young Brittani choose life, apologize for her mouth all day, and ask for prayer. When we were done praying Jared put his hand on her arm and told her he was proud of her. You could see her heart melt. Then there was a late-term mom who just broke down and chose life.

I have never seen so many ladies weeping. Almost all of them, even if they went through with the abortions, went in tears. There was a cheerleader inside who would say “Good job,” when a girl chose life; she kept coming out and saying how everyone inside was going crazy. One of the clinic workers told the people out front that everything I was saying was true. I could go on and on. God really moved.

2 Cor 12:9-10 shows the secret. On days like today the Lord shows we are not strong but we become strong when we come to our Rock. Seeing how utterly bankrupt I am and how the only hope for these ladies is to flee to Him and watch Him work. I am an earthy guy filled with glass and failures. I cannot save any babies or anyone. This is not some false humility kind of thing; this is the truth. He alone is able to save and today He made it crystal clear. I am just standing in awe having seen Him do the most incredible things. Thank you for praying..