God’s Timing

As told by John Barros:

There was so much ministry time today. I believe everyone is exhausted. The key lesson today is God’s sovereignty and timing.

My dear sister Saperna is unable to come like she used to, but she came by to bring a sandwich on her way to work. She is a rep for one of the top designers of women’s clothes in the world. As she was there a young lady named Francine came with her mother. Francine was also a design-sensitive girl and she likes clothes designed by some dude named Michael Kors. They hit it off great and after much talking and prayer she chose life and left with her mother to First Life!


Then a young lady named Samantha who had come all the way from Georgia with her boyfriend came out during the preaching. She went behind Dr. Collins’ office, sat on his air conditioner, and wept. She asked for prayer, chose life, and left.


Then there was a young lady named Melissa who chose life a while back for her baby. She was going to give the baby up for adoption but decided to keep her. The baby is still in Winnie Palmer Hospital and Melissa is requesting prayer because she is afraid of being a mom.

The Reformation Bible College kids were loving all over her and Samantha. There’s a chance Melissa will be coming to Saint Andrew’s this Sunday. God’s timing was so awesome. He had just the right people in place to minister to those who came. Please pray for all these folks.