Good Friday

As told by John Barros:

Good Friday was very full today. I’m really having trouble sorting it all out. Actually I’m so overwhelmed. Just trying to grasp what our King did for us and what is going on down here. Going from here to St. Andrew’s tonight, it sure makes you long for heaven.

So blessed to have folks down today that don’t get to make it to often. So thankful for Chelsea Stolz taking her day off to come down. Doug and Carol Sarver brought their precious daughter Miriam Sarver down. Miriam is a Sacred Music Major at Reformation Bible College. She brought her cello down for worship and it was amazing. Tonight at church, the full orchestra, choir, and congregation sang “Oh Sacred Head Now Wounded.” It was awesome but I have never heard anything like what Miriam led us in out hear. The blinds were banging with all inside waiting to kill their children looking out. There is a Muslim man that drops his wife off at her appointment down the street. He always walks around watching the preaching while waiting. Today he saw the music and walked over. As they began to sing “Amazimg Grace” I told him to join them. He took his son and went over to join in. I wonder if this has ever happened before. When his wife was finished they said thank you. Please pray that I can become friends with them.

Muslim and his son joining in on Amazing Grace

We had a couple of ladies come by wanting to know how they could adopt. The Sarvers worked with them. Carol works at a pregnancy center in Detroit. They will be calling Life For Kids next week.

Wanting to adopt

We had three ladies do what I would like to call “Choose Life” but only time will tell. The first one came in but once inside turned out with a look of fear and said “I’m not doing this. I’m out of here.” She wouldn’t talk as she couldn’t get out of here fast enough.

The second was a mother that brought her daughter. They got money from a suspicious car down the street to pay for it. They were angry. Beth Goble, Cassidy Goble, and Heather Marie tried working with them. They just seemed to get angrier but then about half way through the preaching they came out with terror looks in their eyes. They literally ran down the street before anyone could catch them.

Then there was Joshua and Gianna. They went inside but didn’t last very long at all. They left and spoke with Heather and Yolie. They said they had come for an ultrasound but couldn’t take the evil inside. They will be going to Choices on Monday and will see Heather again. They asked if everyone would pray for them as they now have to share what has happened with their parents.

I don’t know what was going on today but there was nothing left when I was done preaching. Seems like I barely made it home and slept for two hours. People always ask what they can pray for. Strength and energy would be a great start. Praying you all have a blessed Easter.