Good News

As told by John Barros:

Even in the midst of cowardly guys coaxing and “supporting” their late-term ladies to press on through abortions that were started yesterday, there is good news.


People who heard the Good News chose life. Two babies were given the opportunity to come out. One was a guy who was flipping me and Beth off and saying horrible things. When they came out they couldn’t move fast enough and didn’t even stop to take their licenses.


A lady from First Life came by to tell me they will be open on Saturdays beginning in January with ultrasounds and all services.

Another friend of mine, a clinic worker, has finally made the move to get help and get out of here! I have shared the gospel with her and several others for years. It is very difficult it is for these workers to break away; I have only been part of two leaving in the past (and one of those returned). God’s Word and Spirit are working in this lady’s life in a big way. I can’t get into what has been going on, but knowing I have done what I have been gifted to do and needing to get her help that I cannot provide, I sent her to Daria at True Life Choice. Things are really moving now and would ask that you continue to pray. There are others who want to leave as well. Please pray for all these folks!.